Thursday, 14 April 2011

Buttercream Bakery A Day In Cupcakes

Yesterday was a fun day at the bakery so I've decided to post the whole days worth of cupcakes at once. 

 I mentioned last week that I was making samples for a local group of hotels, so I was making those cupcakes, we also had a gorgeous Chocolate Vanilla 'Spring has Sprung'  batch and a bridal shower batch full of mini bow topped cupcakes for the guests and a special Calla Lily cupcake for the bride.

I was happy to be back to cupcakes as I have been focusing on another area of the bakery of late and have slowed down orders until the beginning of May.   I have some gorgeous Easter and Royal Wedding cupcakes on the books in the next couple of weeks though, two brilliant themes that I cannot wait to get stuck into.  The 2nd week of May means big changes for Buttercream Bakery. I haven't told you all yet because I'm stupidly superstitious but you will know soon enough.

I love these 'Night Night' and 'Sweet Dreams' mini cupcakes, I made these as part of the sample batch, the idea is that guests at the hotel would be given bespoke mini cupcakes instead of a chocolate on the pillow before bed.  I think they would be lovely with black or red roses too, in fact yellow would also be lovely.  Wouldn't it be nice if I could match the cupcake colours to the colour scheme in the rooms? 

The banners can obviously be personalised with names and messages, they're really cute and I think the rosebud design is great for this time of year.

Mini Animal Print Cupcakes

I made zebra stripe ones too but don't have a picture, you get the idea anyway, very stylish little cuppies.

I hand painted the toppers using edible food colouring.

Calla Lilies and Bows...

Such a lovely design, I made some of these mini bow cupcakes for the sample batch too, always popular with brides.

Colourful Spring Cupcakes

I love the use of colour in this batch, it was beautifully sunny whilst I made these, shame the weather didn't last.

I don't often get to use cutters as most of my toppers are modelled by hand, so it was a nice change making these.  The flowers and butterflies were a breeze and I'm a big fan of these PME embossing cutters, they really are brilliant and so easy to use.

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Maria♥ said...

What beautiful cupcakes! Wish I could decorate my cupcakes like you :)


Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

you're too perfect!... I love your work, it's genius... you should have one of your cupcakes displayed on a plinth in an art gallery... simply stunning x

At Anna's kitchen table said...

Beautiful! Especially those lillies! Really pretty

briarrose said...

What a beautiful variety.

Mia's Bakehouse said...

aww these are all so pretty, i just went on a cupcake decorating course and we used cutters for butterflies and flowers, so much easier than creating from scratch! but creating from scratch produces more original results ;) hope I can visit your shop in Brighton sometime soon x

Mia's Bakehouse said...

Aww these look so pretty! I just went on a cupcake decorating course and the cutters were so much easier than creating the decorations from scratch, but from scratch does produce more original results ;) hope to visit your shop in Brighton soon xx

Sarah-Jane - said...

Hey Astral

I need to email you ;-)

I love the ones you did for the hotel. The little rose buds are awesome

The nimbleness of your fingers for such delicate work is something I'll never master !

Smaira said...

Hi hun! hope you are well - love these - especially the hotel ones!! you have totally inspired me! xxx

Tammy said...

Those are all so beautiful! Lovely photos!


Jane - Kitchen Stools Direct said...

What a feast to the eyes those cupcakes are! Those handpainted ones look great. You are very expressive in your decorations. Lovely.