Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Strawberry Milk

I have had a bottle of Monin Strawberry Syrup lurking in my kitchen for ages now and I decided it was high time I did something with it.  Monin syrups are used in most coffee shops, bars and restaurants, Cafe Nero's strawberry milkshake is made using this syrup and I like it because it doesn't have that horrid artificial taste you often get with such things.

There is no recipe as such, I just filled the bottle nearly to the top with milk and added about 2 tbsp of syrup.  I'm not a huge milk drinker so after marveling at the utter adorableness of my gorgeous glass bottled strawberry milk and tasting a little to check the strawberry flavour was OK, I popped it in the fridge till Mr. P. came home.

I was amazed at the joy in Mr. P. eyes when I presented him with his strawberry milk, he was like a little boy and it did make me giggle.  He drank the entire bottle in one go and said the strength of the strawberry flavour was perfect.  I will definitely make this again and since the weather is getting nicer now I may make some thick milkshakes too.

I just love my gorgeous glass bottle and it looks so cute in pink.


Maria♥ said...

Gosh that bottle and that colour pink is just so gorgeous!! That would go perfect in my pink kitchen :)


Pink Fairy Vicky said...

I will be around in half an hour!!! I love milkshake, I could drink it all day. Infact I lived off milk when I was carrying my little boy as everything else made me ill.

Maria - Iused to have a lovely pink kitchen..............then I moved in with a boy :-(

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

What is it with boys, they say no to a pink toaster and kettle but yes to pink strawberry milk :) your bottle looks so pretty! now I want a milkshake.

Hanna said...

Yum! Didnt know that Monin did a strawberry syrup, only ever seen the chocolate, hazelnut, caramel ones. It looks gorgeous in that bottle too!