Monday, 8 August 2011

Buttercream Bakery Mini Red Velvet Cake Crumb Cupcakes

I love decorating Red Velvet Cupcakes with bright red cake crumbs. 

Crumbling a cupcake and sprinkling it atop iced Red Velvet Cupcakes is probably one of the simplest way to decorate a cupcake but the results are so strikingly beautiful.

I love Red Velvet Cake, I think most British people are a little scared of it, the food colouring worries them but I am championing it all the way.  If you can't have a bit of food colouring with your cake than when can you?

In order to spread the Red Velvet word I made these little beauties for one of the hotels I supply.

I find the flavour of Red Velvet Cake near impossible to describe, yes there is a hint of chocolate and of course that subtle buttermilk tang but really you just have to try it to know the true extent of Red Velvet yumminess.

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Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

These are so cute!! and I too love the bright red crumb decor! I have to admit I am one of those scaredy cat Brits because none of the red colours I use seem to work out...would you mind telling me which red colouring you use? as it seems to be very vibrant in your cupcakes! said...

I always wondered what the red sprinkles were on top! I have tried the hummingbird bakery recipe & I love it - the icing is sooo yummy as well :)

CakewithHazel said...

As if red velvet couldn't already be more delicious, you go and make them in minature!

So cute!

How To Be Perfect said...

Cupcake Crazy Gem - I don't mind at all, I use about half a teaspoon of food colouring paste, the sort you use to colour fondant (Wilton & sugarflair are good).

As your original recipe will probably call for liquid colour, be sure to make up for the missing liquid in the recipe by mixing the colouring with the same amount of water.

Hope that helps. x

Ruth said...

These look out-of-this-world delicious! Just signed up as a follower so I can look forward to more! :-)

Victoria said...

my favourite!!!!!!! :)

That's Ron said...

that velvet is awesome

The Caked Crusader said...

I am definitely sold on decorating a cake with...more cake! Lovely idea

MerryJohnson said...

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