Halloween Treats: Zombie Marshmallows

Who knew Marshmallows could be so awesome!

Zombie Marshmallows make a brilliantly simple Halloween treat, all you need is a bag of your favourite marshmallows and either edible food pens or edible food colouring pastes and a paint brush.

I used food colouring paste in black and red and a very small paintbrush to create my little zombies. The marshmallows I used are the seriously squidgy kind, I much prefer these but they are slightly harder to draw/paint on so you may prefer to use the smoother kind.

They are honestly ridiculously fun to make and I am no word of a lie actually seriously excited about Zombie Marshmallows in my Hot Chocolate! 

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Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

All I seem to do on your blog is use hideous profanity but these are fucking awesome woman!

At Anna's kitchen table said...

Ha ha!!! They are excellent!!!

Fannie said...

Ah these are awesome.

Wida said...

Ah! Those are SO adorable!

Missing Amsie Blog

Kim said...

Love, love, love!

Rosie Mortimer said...

It was such a great idea to make those Halloween marshmallows. I think that it really fits during Halloween. I know that many kids would love to have them during trick or treat.


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