Sunday, 27 November 2011

Buttercream Bakery Cupcake Catch Up

My blog has been somewhat lacking in cupcakes the last few weeks.  I have of course still been whipping up cupcakes day and night at the bakery, I just haven't had time to post any!

To be honest I have a huge back log of post to get through and since I'm losing track of them all I decided it was best I get my butt into gear and start posting.

There have been also sorts of cupcakes on order in the last couple of weeks, decedent chocolate cupcakes, graduation cupcakes, cocktail cupcakes, voodoo cupcakes and even some Pink Floyd cupcakes!

Cocktail cupcakes are awesome and these Mojito cupcakes are particularly glorious, I do love a Mojito.

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Creamy Vanilla Frosting and Oreos.

I can literally hear these cupcakes screaming 'Eat Me!' through the computer screen.

We love mini cupcakes at Buttercream Bakery and for some reason I find these ones particularly adorable.

Perfectly darling little wedding favours.

I made these Red Velvet Graduation Cupcakes for a gorgeous friend who just graduated with a swanky degree in Fashion Photography no less!

I'm very proud! Her gown was purple so I added purple ribbon to the little scrolls, with cute little gold tassels.

Next up something a little darker, Voodoo cupcakes.

I am ridiculously in love with this little voodoo doll!

I don't think voodoo dolls are supposed to be this cute but I love his little pudgy belly and cute button eye.

The Voodoo batch also included scary voodoo skulls...

...and voodoo spells...

The symbols I have used were taken from a voodoo conjure box.

Next up Pink Floyd Cupcakes!

These are so cool! A selection of Pink Floyd album covers for a serious fan's birthday.  The toppers frustrated me a little at times but I was really happy with them in the end, great theme!

Something simpler but oh so yummy...

Classic Chocolate Cupcakes

and Glorious Chocolate Chocolate Bar Cupcakes with lashings of chocolate drizzle....


Red Velvet Cupcakes with Caramel Chocolate Bar Chunk.

More cocktail cupcakes, delicious Margarita cupcake with sugared lime.

Looking at this cupcake makes me thirsty! 

I will leave it there for now, I hope you have all had a brilliant weekend, I have been manically making gingerbread cookie decorations for the amazing Christmas Tea Party at H Bar next Friday afternoon.  I will also be filling the gorgeous venue with an unbelievable array of goodies so get there if you can!

Now I have to sleep, my eyes and fingers hurt like hell! You will understand when you see the gingerbread cookie decorations, they're crazy!

x x x


Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

Looks like you've been busy..they all look delicious!

Seren-Dipity said...

So gorgeous. Would love to come and try some one day x

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Amazing as always! The pink floyd ones are fantastic, I know a few people who would love them a lot!

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Oh and I just want to hug the little voodoo dolls, they are adorable!