Monday, 28 November 2011

A Naughty Little Monster In Japan

Earlier this year, whilst travelling to Paris I discovered a naughty little stow away in my luggage.

A naughty little sprinkle stealing monster had decided he wanted to see Paris and so he climbed in my bag and hid. After my initial surprise at the discovery of the little monster, I was quite glad to have his company and very much enjoyed our little trip together. With him in tow we joyously ate our way across Paris and it was all rather wonderful.

Upon our return I took him back to the bakery to reunite him with all of his naughty little sprinkle stealing family, or as it has now become clear, most of his naughty little sprinkle stealing family. You see, another member of his naughty little clan had already left!

Stealing away into the night in Rebella's handbag, naughty little monster Mochi managed to travel all the way to Japan!

Mochi and Rebella's Adventures in Japan

A Little Monster In A Big City

Little Mochi decided almost immediately that Japan was definitely the place for him.

He very much enjoyed travelling and loved the hustle and bustle of the big city.

After settling in at home and being made to feel most welcome by Rebella's kind family the pair decided to travel from Osaka to Kyoto...

Mochi very much enjoyed the view on the train.

Once they reached Kyoto they visited the Kiyomizu-dera Temple, where little Mochi quickly found some friends.

The temple was beautiful and very grand, Mochi and Rebella had a wonderful day but as we know, naughty little monsters cannot bare to be with out food for long and so it was time to eat.

And boy did Mochi eat!

Feasts, Friends and Fame

Mochi loved rice so much he would dive into the rice bowls devouring every last morsel in rather a hurry, for fear someone else may want some.

Nothing was safe, he simply had to try it all!

Sake was the drink of choice and little Mochi apparently climbed into every bamboo tumbler on the table to ensure every last drop had been enjoyed.

Little Mochi had to be careful though, being so small and what with his darting about the table and diving into bowls during dinner, he was very nearly gobbled up himself!

Quite by accident of course.

Mochi's favourite food is of course Green Tea Mochi, he couldn't get enough of the stuff and therefore Rebella and I have decided to name him after his favourite treat. Purely for our own benefit of course, as I'm quite sure he has a name all of his very own.

Rebella had to restrain Mochi on more than one occasion for fear he may drown himself in a bowl of Tofu!

Which of course he loved.

In fact Mochi ate so much at dinner he had to lie down!

Yes Mochi had fallen in love with Japan but it seems Japan had also fallen in love with Mochi!

He caused quite a stir everywhere he went, particularly in restaurants where he always insisted on meeting the chef.

I hear Mochi was such a hit that often Rebella wasn't the only person taking his picture, Mochi it seems is quite the little super star!

The Magical Miniature Kingdom

Mochi had been so well behaved that Rebella decided he deserved a treat...

Rebella took him to miniature land, a world where everything was miniature and perfectly fit for a tiny little monster such as himself.

He couldn't believe his eyes!

He was particularly fond of the little cups of green tea and Rebella kindly let him choose a little present to take home.

Mochi chose a watermelon, which came in a little basket for him to carry.

I have noticed little Mochi seems particularly fond of green foods.

A Journey's End

Mochi had made so many friends...

He wasn't sure he was ready to leave but he couldn't wait to tell his naughty little family back at the bakery, all about his adventures and so Rebella and Mochi came home.

Little Mochi would never forget his time in Japan and Rebella promised to take him back one day but for now he is back at Buttercream Bakery, stealing sprinkles and causing chaos.

Only two of Buttercream Bakery's little monsters have been on holiday thus far and I feel a little bad for the others who have only heard wonderful tales of the great world outside.

I know many of the naughty little monsters are desperate for adventure and friends to discover new places with so if you are going on an exciting journey and think you could cope with a very naughty, highly excitable, incredibly hungry travelling companion please do let me know.

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Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Best post ever!!

Claire said...

I'm off to Houston Texas for new year, I think one of the monsters would love that. But everything is bigger in Texas, the little monster who look even smaller, but he would love the big portions! X

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Looks like you had a fun travel companion! LOL!!! He seems to have a very refined palate too!

Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

Adorable as ever! Your little monster posts are my favourite heheh. It's also very cool to see the Japanese sweets. They are kawaii (cute).

You must be a young baker and you travel so much! What great success! How did you get into being a professional baker?

How To Be Perfect said...

So glad you like the post!

I didn't actually get to visit Japan with Mochi, he stole away into the night with a friend of mine when she came to say goodbye, so I am not quite as well traveled as you may think, although my lovely hubby does take me lots of wonderful places.

Brittany, I just turned 24 so I'm not feeling quite so young at the moment lol. I started baking while I was at uni, doing a totally unrelated degree. I set up the bakery because people kept ordering cupcakes and it all just ran away with itself. I now bake all sorts of goodies for local hotels, venues and lots of awesome events. I have never taken a class related to food or cake decorating, I would love to but have never found the time. X x

Kim said...

Adorable! I love the little monsters adventures - there would definitely be room for one in my handbag next time I'm going away! I've just tagged you for Food Bloggers Unplugged, so if you fancy taking part, it's here: