Adorable Buttercream Panda Cupcake

 Oh yes, it had to be done!

After I fell hopelessly in love with last weeks adorable grizzly bear cupcakes...

I knew I had to make more, they were just so darn cute!

I decided to make an adorable buttercream panda cupcake.  The design was very similar to the grizzly bear only this time I used half a dark chocolate button for each of the ears, piping over them with black buttercream.  I also added the eyes first, after applying only a thin layer of buttercream to the cupcake, I then built up the bears face around them.

The cuteness is killing me!



Sarah-Jane - said...

Astral - I ADORE those teddy bear and panda bear cupcakes. Any chance of a tutorial ? Oliver would be half way to heaven if he got his paws on those.

I know you're awaiting our new macaron mats. Any chance you can help me with a video tutorial ? I've got no where to do one... If so, I'll give you a call next week and maybe we can work something out when you have some spare time ;-P

Astral de la Mare said...

Thanks Hun! I'm a working hard on my book at the moment and the grizzly/panda bear cupcakes will feature in there so I have to keep quiet on the tutorial front lol.

Also I'd love to do a Macaron tutorial for you, I'm desperate to get my hands on one of those mats but I no longer have access to a video camera, hence no tutorials for a while.

Space isn't an issue but filming these tutorials takes forever so you do need to rope in a very willing camera person, I lost mine to bigger better things lol.

Call anytime to have a chat about it anyway. X

Paris Pastry said...

The cuteness is killing me too! So sweet! A new domain too :) I love the new name :D!! Yes, I'm changing Paris Pastry to a soon as well. You're the first to know about it! The secret's out now ;) x

Gina Parker said...

You have outdone yourself with the panda bears... Having the fur over the eyes makes them will loveable.

shuswapcakes said...

Wow! You are very talented. Those must have taken quite a while to make, they are so cute though - they're worth it!! Thanks for posting :) Love all your cupcakes!


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