Sunday, 29 January 2012

Simple Valentine's Day Cupcake Ideas

With Valentine's day coming up fast I thought I'd better do a little inspirational cupcake post.

Just a few simple, yet sublime cupcake ideas to get you in the mood for some cupcake love, so expect lots of love hearts, sprinkles and shades of pink. 

It'll be love hearts galore at the bakery come valentine's day, big ones little ones, red ones, pink ones, rose bud covered name it we'll have it.

I love love heart sprinkles whether in pink or red, large or mini they always look wonderful, I particularly love the red love hearts sprinkled over creamy white buttercream.

Cupcakes make a brilliant Valentine's day gift and we are always really busy in February, our best selling Valentine's cupcake is Double Chocolate but Red Velvet and Vanilla are never far behind.

I love this little pink cupcake with pink sanding sugar sprinkles and a baby pink ribbon rose, it is truly lovely.

Mini Red Velvet Crumb Cupcakes are perfect for the most romantic day of the year and so simple to make.

The vibrant crumbs of red velvet really make them pop.

We will be making lots of mini cupcakes this Valentine's day, they have really taken off this year.

If you are thinking of making mini cupcakes you can find all my mini cupcake tips and tricks here.

I have some wonderful bespoke batches on order over the holiday that I cannot wait to get started on.  I know a lot of people can't stand Valentine's day but when you spend the weeks leading up to it on the phone to various husbands, boyfriends, wives and girlfriends who have all obviously put so much thought into a totally unique and personal gift idea for their partner, it is hard not to start feeling all warm and romantic inside.

They may say romance is dead but they're wrong, romance is alive, well and ordering cupcakes.

Which ever buttercream swirl you choose to scatter your love heart sprinkles over, be sure to top with extra icing for sharing!

Obviously I will be busy working straight through Valentine's week but I'm hoping for a little romance after, there may have been mention of a weekend away....

Before I go and leave it there here are my top tips for Valentine's day Cupcakes:

1) Nothing says I love you like Chocolate

2) Whilst small packages are great when it comes to diamond rings, with cupcakes a bigger box is far better.

3) Boy's love cupcakes too!

In my experience Peanut Butter and Jelly goes down a treat with most guys.  If your hubby, like mine is the most difficult person in the universe to buy a present for cooking/baking him something may be the perfect answer.  Alternatively send him a link to your favourite recipe and get him in the kitchen baking you something scrumptious!

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Butter Hearts Sugar said...

They all look awesome! I'd be a very happy girl if someone got me any of them for valentines day. I love the baby one with the bow and the leopard wrapper.

Neesie Natters said...

That's it Valentine's Day sorted...someone is going to be a very happy bunny!
Thanks for the inspiration :D

Shrey Patel said...

Your Pics looks fantastic.
I really love your Ideas.
Thank you.