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A Year In Cupcakes & Mini Cakes by Buttercream Bakery

Today is The Art of Being Perfect's 2nd birthday!

Every year on the 8th January (my little blog's birthday) I like to go through the last year of Buttercream Bakery cupcakes and choose my favourites to take you right through the year at my little bakery.

I normally only choose one bespoke batch to represent each month of the year but this year that was harder then ever. I have had the pleasure of making some of them most unique and wonderful cupcakes you could imagine and with the addition of mini cakes to our range I had to include a few more than usual.

I have loved every second of designing, baking and making in 2011 and this year is set to be even more incredible than the last.  With mini cakes taking over the bakery and my first book finally taking shape, I am really excited about what lays ahead.

One of my favourite things about doing these round up posts is getting to see how my work has improved and my style developed over the year, I'm still learning and hopefully improving every single day and I love every single sugary second of it.

So lets start at the beginning....

A Year In Cupcakes by Buttercream Bakery


If someone made me a batch of cupcakes they would have to look like this.  With oven gloves, rolling pins, doughnuts, pumpkin pie slices and even a cupcake recipe book, these cupcakes are quite simply adorable and perfect for the baker in your life.


For February it had to be Valentines day cupcakes!

 I loved so many of the Valentines cupcakes we made this year it was difficult to choose!

These gorgeous rose bud love heart cupcakes were really lovely though and the batch was completed with an adorable little love mouse...

Who completely stole my heart!

I also absolutely adored these hand painted love heart cupcakes and will definitely be reviving the design this year.


So March rolled in and saw Buttercream Bakery take one of our first mini cake orders.  This Miniature Afternoon Tea Table Cake is still one of my favourite designs of all time, I really love every little detail and making all the tiny little toppers really was a labour of love.

I have two mini cakes of this style coming up in the next month or so, can't wait!


For April the world went royal wedding crazy and once again I had a lot of great designs to choose from.  The cake lover in me won however and I decided these Royal Wedding Afternoon Tea Party Cupcakes really were my favourites.

I love the royal blue, the little red roses and that yummy Victoria sponge atop a rather grand cake stand.


I love a puppy cupcake and this Shar Pei puppy was particularly cute.

He was also far easier to make than I expected, which is always good.


Possibly my favourite cupcakes of the year, created at the bequest of Miss Cakehead, these Will Cotton Candyland Cupcakes were so much fun to create and really inspired lots of my miniature work since.

I could never decide whether I preferred the pink and white candyland...

....or the more colourful candyland...

I think that chocolate dipped strawberry might just swing it.


I couldn't not have our adorable mini Katy Perry cupcakes as my number one design for July.  Created once again for the fabulous Miss Cakehead and her awesome Cakey Perry High Tea.

These little cupcakes were also featured in We Love Pop Magazine during Cupcake Week.

I was over the moon when the order for these Kawaii cupcakes cake in, a design right up my street!  I was really happy with these and my client absolutely loved them.


For August I wanted to choose a really pretty, summery batch and I think these pretty pink sandals are perfect.

I'm a lady who loves shoes and I really enjoyed making these and adding all the detail to the pretty pink heels.


It is funny how time changes your perception of things because in September I had a nightmare with these little Morris Minor cupcakes.  I just wasn't happy and for the life of me, when I look at them now, I haven't a clue why!

I think they are the most adorable little cars ever and the gentleman I made them for absolutely adored them. 


October rolled around and Halloween hit the bakery with an almighty bang.

Things took a terrible turn...

Not everyone made it out alive...

Our Halloween cupcakes were crazier and creepier than ever before this year and I was really proud of how horrific I managed to make things!

I know that may sound funny but when some of these orders came in I really wasn't sure I had it in me!

Apparently I do!

It wasn't all quite so horrific and there were still some pretty cute cupcakes being made...even if they were zombie ones...


November was a really busy month at the bakery and there were loads of orders I loved but these Pink Floyd Cupcakes take the biscuit.

November also saw mini cake orders at the bakery pick up and I had great fun making them.  This Mini Pastry Chef Cake was definitely a favourite of mine.

Of course November really became Movember and I just had to include these adorable Mini Moustache Cupcakes.


This Christmas I designed a range of signature miniature Christmas cakes and commissions for these far overtook my cupcake orders.

I loved all of the designs in the range but I think this Mini Gingerbread House Christmas Cake was my favourite.

I love the candy covered, snow peaked little house, so cute!

Since this year for me was really all about mastering my miniature sugar craft work it felt right to end with some seriously miniature toppers.

The tiniest teddy bears I have ever made, around 1-2cm tall.

These cute mini Christmas cupcakes were all topped with a tiny Christmas topper, the sparkly mini Christmas crackers were my favourites I think.

And so with one final batch of Christmas cuppies so ends another year at Buttercream Bakery.

I honestly can't believe I have only been writing this blog for two years! I couldn't imagine not having a blog now!

 God knows what I did with my spare cakey energy before. Needless to say if I didn't have you I may have gone a little mad, so a huge thank you to everyone who reads and follows my blog.

 I love to read all your wonderful comments and can't thank every single one of you enough for all of your kindness and support over the last 2 years. I really enjoy writing this blog and I love that you fabulous lot actually read it and delve into cupcake madness with me. Thanks a million! x x x


Lauren said...

Congrats on 2 years! As I've said before yours was the first blog I had ever followed and I can't wait to continue reading it through this next year. Congrats and keep up the amazing work :) said...

Wow they are all gorgeous!! LOVE the afternoon tea table cake :)

Bunny said...

Happy 2 yr Blog Anniversary ! Your round up was wonderful. Can't wait to see what you have planned for the coming yr.!

Zoe said...

Happy 2nd blog anniversary! Your cupcakes are really many pieces of perfection. Can't wait to see more of creative cupcakes in the future.

What's for dessert? said...

Happy blog anniversary. Your cupcakes and mini cakes are gorgeous

Mrs. Darcy said...

Love these pics-I suddenly feel the need to run out and buy a cupcake:)

Happy Blog Anniversary-Following you!


Mighty Morgan said...

I was crusing from blog to blog and happened to find yours, which now happens to be my FAVORITE!!! I am so amazed at how beautiful all your work is.....Congrats on the two year blogoversary!!!