Buttercream Bakery Miniature Masterpiece Patisserie Cupcake

Buttercream Bakery Miniature Patisserie Cupcake

Hello everyone!

Another adorable miniature masterpiece cupcake to share today.

Buttercream Bakery Miniature Patisserie Cupcake 4

This cupcake has been made especially to match the adorable Meri Meri Patisserie gift box, the cupcake topper is designed to look like a Parisian patisserie window display. Complete with a wood grain base, french bread, an array of cakes and pastries and rose bud detail this topper is truly gorgeous.

Buttercream Bakery Miniature Patisserie Cupcake in Gift Box

I'm considering starting a new line of individual gift cupcakes, these would be preselected, highly detailed designs available as individual gifts. Each cupcake would be displayed in a beautiful gift box, similar to this gorgeous patisserie themed one.

Buttercream Bakery Miniature Patisserie Cupcake (3)

Despite being really tiny this little cupcake was really easy, all the little cakes and pastries are made up of very simple shapes and there really is nothing complicated on there.  I particularly love the flour dusted baguettes and the swirls of cream, this little cupcake may just be the yummiest looking cupcake ever.

Miniature Patisserie Cupcake (2)

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Lauren said...

This is insane! I love how tiny it is, my fingers are way to fat to make them that small ;-)

Sarah-Jane - SiliconeMoulds.com said...

aww bless. It's so sweet - in every way.

I love those Meri Meri boxes .... bought some myself last week.

Zoe said...

Wow! This is a masterpiece. Everything on this cupcake is so tiny and so delicate to make. My eyes almost pop out seeing this!!!

Beth @ Hungry Happenings said...

That cupcake really is a masterpiece. You have an incredible talent and must have very small hands to be able to create such miniature decorations. I love the box and think the cupcake is a perfect compliment to the box.


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