Buttercream Bakery Miniature Masterpiece Teddy Bear Zombie Mob Cupcake

Amazing Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Buttercream, Chocolate Cake Crumb & Miniature Teddy Bear Zombie Mob.

Teddy Bear Zombie Mob Cupcake

It is no secret that I love teddy bears and they have become a sort of signature of mine. 

 I also love zombies!

Zombie Cupcake

These teddy bear zombies are the old fashioned kind of zombies, the really slow moving kind that you can run from, not the new, super speedy kind that would definitely get you...

Mini Sugarcraft

I had great fun making the tiny zombie teddy bears, I love the exposed ribs and skulls, the randomly placed limbs, the armless mob of crazed bears and that particularly nasty zombie teddy feasting on the brains of an unlucky victim, who really should have run faster.



Lora said...

Who doesn't love zombie teddy bears? These are adorable.

Corrine said...

Amazing!!! You have some serious talent girl!


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