Monday, 16 July 2012

Miniature Cupcake Chocolates!

These little cupcakes are 100% solid chocolate, not only are they adorable but they are so so simple to make.

To make some miniature cupcake chocolates of your own, you will first need to temper some chocolate.

I recommend tempering the milk chocolate first and allowing the bases to set before tempering the white chocolate.

I have tried numerous chocolate tempering techniques but the method that has always worked for me is the one below.  Please note the following instructions apply to milk and white chocolate only, the temperatures are slightly different for dark chocolate.

Tempering Chocolate

To Temper Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate:

Melt 2/3 of your chocolate in a clean, dry bowl set over simmering water, until liquid, 45-50 C

Add the remaining 1/3 of unmelted chocolate to the bowl and stir the chocolate to cool to 25-26 C.  This will take a while.

Once cool you need to bring the chocolate up to working temperature.  Re-heat the chocolate very gently until it reaches 29-30 C.  Be very careful not to exceed this temperature. 

The chocolate is now ready to use.
 (If you do exceed 30C you will need to start the process from the beginning).

To Make Miniature Cupcake Chocolates:

To make these adorable mini cupcake chocolates fill mini cupcake trays with mini cupcake cases.

 Temper your milk chocolate as per the instructions above and fill the mini cupcake cases.  Tap the tray against the counter to remove any air bubbles and leave to set.

Temper your white chocolate.

Fit a piping bag with a large open star tip and fill with tempered white chocolate.

 Pipe white chocolate onto the milk chocolate bases, to create the cupcake's frosting.

Decorate with sprinkles if desired and set aside until fully set.

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knoodoo said...

Oh my, they look sooo adorable and I'm reeeeally getting hungry every time you post a new posting..
evil you! ;-)

I think I'll try those tiny choc-cupcakes, I have a nice flexible mold for similar bottoms, so it should be even easier without the peeling off.

...ok and now I'm gonna search for cookies around here for making up for the missing cupcakes around...

Take care,