Buttercream Bakery Dexter's Laboratory Cupcake

 Dexter's Laboratory Cupcake

This one is for all you 90s kids.

I grew up with Dexter's Laboratory so making this cupcake was great fun.

I wanted Dexter's lab to look as technical and quite frankly terrifying as it did in the cartoon and of course I tried my utmost to capture that angry little kid's personality.

I really love the edging around the cupcake, it is separate from the main topper itself, I love the effect and will definitely use the technique again.



cheryl said...

Love this tutorial!!!!

Paris Pastry said...

So amazingly detailed! It looks just like him! (and this coming from someone who secretly loves the show)

Claire said...

Astral this is incredible! I loved Dexter's lab!

canvirries said...

hi, i'm new to baking n wud love to make new frens who share the same interest! was wondering if we cud follow each other? i'm following you, hope u'll do the same... :)
till then, take care...
love, tse..(the purple patissierre)

Higley. said...

That is awesome.
You have a great blog!


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