Buttercream Bakery Halloween Mini Cakes

Halloween is finally upon us and the creepy cakes are back.

These cute and creepy mini cakes were great fun to make, I love the marshmallow cobwebs and of course I love Zombie bear...I do not however love the spiders.

I am unbelievably petrified of spiders, so pathetically freaked out that I really struggled to make these. How pathetic am I?! In my defence the legs kept moving and totally freaking me out.

Even thinking about it now is making me a bit twitchy so lets move on.

What are you all up to over Halloween?

I will be locked away in the kitchen, feverishly baking the last of the Halloween cakes and cupcakes but I'm planning to make up for it on bonfire night with a huge festive feast.

x x x



Smaira said...

Oh wow I love the spider web one -is that done with marshmallows? looks amazing! xxx

Astral de la Mare said...

Hi Smaira,

Yes I used melted marshmallows, it was great fun! X


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