Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Buttercream Bakery's Online Bespoke Cake Decorations Store is Now Open!

 Buttercream Bakery's cake decorations are now available to buy online!

Our Etsy store is now open!


Father Christmas

Now you can purchase bespoke Buttercream Bakery cake decorations and toppers to decorate your own cakes and cupcakes.

Trio of Christmas Teddy Bears

Since Christmas is just around the corner I've started with a range of Christmas cake and cupcake decorations.

Christmas Penguins

Winter Bear

Christmas Pudding Bear


You will also find lots of teddy bears, puppies and other animals.

I am still building our collection so there will be lots more to come.

All decorations are available in alternative colours and with alternative or additional accessories such as hats, bows, earmuffs and clothing. 

I am also taking custom orders so please feel free to get in touch with any questions or queries.

Our cake decorations will also soon be available to purchase through our website but until then you can find us here:



Shel said...

OMG these are almost too cute! I love them all but I think the christmas pudding bear is my favourite! All the best with the shop :)

Kalpit Thakkar said...

very nice cake decoration, best of luck for your cake shop, cakes are always favorite of mine.