Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Buttercream Bakery Miniature Masterpiece Patisserie Cupcake

Buttercream Bakery Miniature Patisserie Cupcake

Hello everyone!

Another adorable miniature masterpiece cupcake to share today.

Buttercream Bakery Miniature Patisserie Cupcake 4

This cupcake has been made especially to match the adorable Meri Meri Patisserie gift box, the cupcake topper is designed to look like a Parisian patisserie window display. Complete with a wood grain base, french bread, an array of cakes and pastries and rose bud detail this topper is truly gorgeous.

Buttercream Bakery Miniature Patisserie Cupcake in Gift Box

I'm considering starting a new line of individual gift cupcakes, these would be preselected, highly detailed designs available as individual gifts. Each cupcake would be displayed in a beautiful gift box, similar to this gorgeous patisserie themed one.

Buttercream Bakery Miniature Patisserie Cupcake (3)

Despite being really tiny this little cupcake was really easy, all the little cakes and pastries are made up of very simple shapes and there really is nothing complicated on there.  I particularly love the flour dusted baguettes and the swirls of cream, this little cupcake may just be the yummiest looking cupcake ever.

Miniature Patisserie Cupcake (2)

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Happy Jour du Macaron!! Beautiful Miniature Pearl Macarons

Happy Jour du Macaron!

Jour du Macaron is a holiday created by fabulous Parisian pastry chef Pierre Hermé. Jour du Macaron was created seven years ago to honour the glorious macaron and since then it has gone from strength to strength. Jour du Macaron is now an international affair, with events taking place all over the world.

In honour of this fabulous day and the wonderful macaron I will be posting all sorts of scrumptious macarons and macaron ideas today.

First up are these adorable miniature macaron pearls.

For the shells I used the same basic macaron recipe I used for my Raspberry Cheesecake Macarons so I won't re-post it here, rather fittingly though the recipe I've used is adapted from the fabulous Pierre Hermé, so today is the perfect day to try it out.

These little pearl macarons are filled with Vanilla Bean Buttercream and Blackcurrant Jam and brushed with edible lustre dust to give them that gorgeous pearly finish.

I am still using my new Double Sided Macaron Mats and getting along really well with them, I have to say I'm rather taken with the miniature macaron side and it was perfect to make these adorable pearl macarons.

I'm hoping to post my macaron mat review later today, although I have to compile all the macarons I have made using it and there are quite a few so it may take a while.

I'm really taken with these little pearl macarons, I think they would be gorgeous at a Tiffany & Co or indeed a  Breakfast at Tiffany's themed event or party.

I have been waiting my whole life for a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed birthday party but alas no one had thrown me one yet....I may just plan one myself!

If you are looking for a great macaron recipe to try today, check out these amazing recipes:

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Amazing Raspberry Cheesecake Macarons Recipe

These macarons are my favourite macarons of all time!

I'm not joking, words simply cannot express how unbelievably delicious these Raspberry Cheesecake Macarons are.

These gorgeous little beauties are sprinkled with digestive biscuit crumb and filled with my favourite cream cheese frosting and a little dollop of raspberry jam. They are the stuff dreams are made of!

This is the fourth batch of macarons I have made on my new Double Sided Macaron Mat, I am still getting used to it but I haven't had any disasters yet, you do need to get used to it but I have made some brilliant batches using it, as you will see in my macaron mat round up.

With this batch of macarons I noticed the 'feet' or 'pied' of the macarons was much smaller than normal.  The teddy bear macaron (below) was made using the same batter and was baked same time as the round macarons only on a lined baking tray.  You can really see the difference in the foot of the round macarons and the bear.

I have two more batches I want to make on my new mat before I post the final review so I'm hoping I can sort this little issue before then. I think I may need to bake the macarons at a slightly higher temperature than normal when using my mat, as I have a feeling the smaller foot may be due to reduced heat from underneath the macaron shells whilst baking.

You can find the macaron mat I have been using at Siliconemoulds.com

For these glorious macarons I have adapted Pierre Herme's standard macaron recipe, although I have entirely followed my own method instead of his which involves all sorts of oven opening, mid baking palaver, that I just don't feel is necessary.

I sprinkled the shells with digestive biscuit crumbs before baking which looks and tastes great. For the filling I used my own cream cheese frosting recipe and my favourite raspberry jam.

Raspberry Cheesecake Macarons

300g ground almonds
300g icing sugar
110g egg whites
300g caster sugar
75g of mineral water
110g egg whites

2 digestive biscuits, crushed to a fine crumb

Line 3 baking trays with parchment paper.

Sift together the icing sugar and the ground almonds into a large mixing bowl.  Add
the first batch of egg whites to the bowl but do not mix.

Place the sugar and water into a small saucepan and boil until the syrup reaches 118C. Once the syrup reaches 110C, simultaneously, begin to whisk the second batch of white eggs on the high speed of an electric mixer.

Pour the 118C sugar syrup onto the whipped egg whites, slowly down the side of the mixer bowl  in a thin stream, avoiding the whisk. Continue to whisk until the meringue cools to 50C.  Fold the meringue into the almond mixture with a rubber spatula. Whilst folding, turn the bowl a quarter turn on each fold.

 When the macaron batter just begins to shine, it is ready, the batter should form a ribbon that falls from the spatula and holds its shape for around 20 seconds before sinking back into the mixture.

Pour the macaron batter into a pastry bag fitted with a plain round tip. Pipe the mixture into uniform rounds onto the prepared baking trays.  Tap the baking sheets on a work surface to let any air bubbles rise out.

Sprinkle the macarons with fine digestive biscuit crumbs.

Let the macaron shells sit for at least 30 min to for a skin, no batter will stick to your finger if you touch one.

Preheat oven to 160C.

Bake the macarons for around 14 minutes depending on their size. The macaron shells will no longer wobble when touched.

For the Cream Cheese & Raspberry Jam Filling:

200g cream cheese
60g unsalted butter, softened
1 tsp vanilla paste
250g icing sugar, sieved

seedless raspberry jam

To make the cream cheese frosting, beat together the cream cheese, butter and vanilla until combined.  Gradually add the icing sugar until you reach the desired consistency.

To Assemble:

Pair up your macaron shells and pipe around a tsp of cream cheese onto the flat side of one macaron in each pair. Add a little dollop of raspberry jam to the centre of the frosting and top with the remaining macaron shell.

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Salted Butter Caramel & Apple Mini Macarons Recipe

Another day and another awesome macaron recipe.

These glorious little macarons are a bit of an amalgamation of recipes, they are however entirely inspired by one of Pierre Herme fabulous macaron recipes.

I have adapted Pierre Herme's recipe for the semi-dried cubes of apple, the salted butter caramel recipe is my own and the macaron shells themselves are made from a very standard French Meringue recipe.

You will need to make your semi-dried apple cubes the day before you make your macarons so a little planning is needed here.  You can of course omit the apple altogether and make salted butter caramel macarons instead, they too are wonderful.

These Salted Butter Caramel & Apple Mini Macarons were the second batch of macarons I baked on my new double sided macaron mat and they came out beautifully. Second time around I made sure to leave enough room for the macarons to spread and consequently this batch came out perfectly uniform.  I have also now tried both Italian and French Meringue macaron recipes on my new macaron mat and both have worked equally well.

The salted butter caramel I used for these macarons is quite possibly one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted, it is a huge favourite of mine.  The little semi-dried apple cubes are a stroke of genius and I have plans to make up a batch for cupcake use.  I hate mushy fruit in cakes!

Salted Butter Caramel & Apple Macarons

For the Semi-Dried Apple Cubes:

1 Granny Smiths Apple
1 tbsp lemon juice
1tbsp caster sugar

For the Macarons:

75g ground almonds
100g icing sugar
1 tsp cocoa powder
2 large egg whites
50g caster sugar

For the Caramel:

250ml double cream
200ml golden syrup

50ml double cream
50ml sour cream
pinch sea salt

85g butter, very soft

To Make the Semi-Dried Apple Cubes

The day before yo make your macarons, prepare the semi-dried apples. 

Preheat the oven to 90C.

Peel and core the apple and cut it into small cubes, around 8mm in size. Sprinkle them immediately with lemon juice as you go along.  Stir the cubes of apple into the sugar.

Spread the cubes of apple out onto a baking tray and place them in the oven to dry for around 1 hour.  The cubes will look slightly dry.  Store the apple cubes at room temperature until the following day.

To Make the Macarons:

Line two baking trays with parchment paper and set aside.

Place the ground almonds, icing sugar and cocoa powder into a food processor and blitz together.  Sift the mixture into a large mixing bowl.

Place the egg whites in a large mixing bowl and whisk until holding soft peaks.  Gradually add the caster sugar a little at a time, whisking continuously until you have a firm glossy meringue.

Using a rubber spatula, fold the almond mixture into the meringue mixture, one third at a time. 

When all the ingredients are fully incorporated continue to cut and fold the mixture until it forms a shiny batter that falls from the spatula in a ribbon.

Transfer the macaron mixture to a piping bag fitted with a 1cm plain piping tip.  Pipe rounds onto the prepared baking sheets. Firmly rap the bottom of the tray against the counter top to remove any air bubbles.  Leave the macarons to sit at room temperature for around 30 minutes, or until they form a skin.

Pre heat the oven to 160C.

Bake the macarons for 10-15 minutes depending on their size.

Allow the macarons shells to cool completely before carefully removing them from the baking paper.

To Make the Salted Butter Caramel:

Combine the cream and golden syrup in a small saucepan and place over a medium heat.  Allow the caramel to boil for around 6 minutes or until it becomes think, gloopy and coats the back of a spoon. 

Combine the second batch of cream, sour cream and salt in a small saucepan and heat gently.

Once the caramel is ready carefully add the warmed cream and stir until smooth.

Allow the caramel to cool and refrigerate until thick.

Place the very soft butter in a mixing bowl and beat with an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment for 5 minutes until very light. Gradually add the caramel, beating continuously until smooth.

To Assemble:

Pair up your macarons and pipe a generous mound of salted butter caramel onto the flat side of half of your shells.  Gently press a cube of semi-dried apple into the centre and then top with the remaining shells.

Refrigerate macarons to set.

Serve at room temperature.


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Gorgeous Rice Pudding Mini Macarons Recipe

These little macarons were truly scrumptious, the plain macaron shells are sprinkled liberally with cinnamon and filled with rice pudding ganache! I know! They really are rather fancy.

These little macarons are the first batch I baked on my new macaron mat, I have since baked three further batches and my macaron mat and I are getting on famously.  This first batch was a little off though, I didn't allow enough space for the macarons to spread as I piped and consequently some of my macarons spread outside the rings a little.  This didn't actually effect the macarons a huge amount but some of the feet were a little brittle. 

I'm not talking too much about my new macaron mat just now because I am still giving it a thorough run for it's money but I'm going to post a big review in a week or so.  You can find out more about the macaron mat I am using on the Silicone Moulds Blog and also at Siliconemoulds.com

The rice pudding ganache recipe I have used is adapted from Zumbo by Adriano Zumbo.  I recommend making the rice pudding before the macarons as it takes a while a needs time to cool.

  The rice pudding is absolutely wonderful so I also highly recommend making it purely for rice puddings sake.

Rice Pudding Macarons

300g icing sugar
300g ground almonds
220g egg whites, separated into two equal batches
300g caster sugar

cinnamon for sprinkling

Place the icing sugar and ground almonds into the bowl of a food processor and pulse until fully combined. Sieve this mixture into a large bowl. Add the first batch of egg whites (unbeaten) to almond mixture but do not mix.

Tip the second batch of egg whites into a heatproof bowl and have an electric whisk at the ready. Place 50ml water and the caster sugar into a small saucepan on a medium heat. Bring to a boil and cook until the syrup registers 110C, using a sugar thermometer, at which time start beating the egg whites on a high speed. Once the syrup has reached 118C pour it slowly down the side of the mixer bowl, avoiding the whisk. Continue to whisk on high until the mixture has cooled slightly and you have a shiny peaked meringue mixture - the bowl should no longer be hot to the touch, but still warm.

Tip the meringue onto the almond mixture and gently fold everything together. It is important not to over-mix the batter - it should fall in a thick ribbon from the spatula. The ribbon should fade back into the batter within about 30 seconds - if it does not, fold a few more times.

Heat the oven to 160C/150C Fan/ gas 3-4. Line 3 baking sheets with parchment paper. Transfer the batter to a piping bag fitted with a plain nozzle. Pipe rounds onto the prepared baking sheets, (or indeed fancy new macaron mat) and tap the base of the tray against the counter to remove any air bubbles.  Sprinkle the macarons liberally with cinnamon and leave to to rest for 30 minutes on the kitchen counter, or until the macarons have developed a skin.

Bake the macarons for 10-14 minutes until they no longer wobble when gently pushed.  Once out of the oven immediately slide the parchment onto a work surface and cool for a few minutes before gently peeling off the paper.

For the rice pudding:

188g whipping cream
188g milk
70g jasmine rice
50g caster sugar
75g brown sugar
6g vanilla extract

For the Ganache:

58g whipping cream
1/4 tsp vanilla paste
pinch of cinnamon
95g white couverture chocolate, chopped
30g unsalted butter, softened

Mix all of the ingredients for the rice pudding in a small saucepan and place over a medium-low heat and cook until the rice is tender. (This took far longer than I expected, my rice was tender in around 45 minutes).  Stir the rice pudding frequently to prevent any sticking to the base of the pan, you may need to add additional milk if the mixture becomes to dry before the rice is cooked.

Once the rice is tender, remove the rice pudding from the heat and allow to cool completely.

To make the ganache, combine the cream, vanilla and cinnamon in a small saucepan and bring just to the boil.  Place the chopped chocolate in a medium mixing bowl, pour the hot cream over the chocolate and leave to stand for 2 minutes.  Stir the ganache until smooth and cool the mixture to 50C.

When the ganache mixture has reached the right temperature, gradually blitz in the soft butter, using a stick mixer.  Mix until smooth and set aside to cool completely.

Mix together the rice pudding and ganache until combined.

 Fill a piping bag fitted with a 12mm (1/2 inch) piping tip with rice pudding ganache.

Pipe the ganache on the flat side of half of the macaron shells before topping with the remaining shells. Place the finished macarons in the refrigerator to set.


Friday, 2 March 2012

Buttercream Bakery Cute Birthday Cupcakes

With an eclectic range of designs and gorgeous shades of chocolate and pink, these cupcakes are really cute and even better, they are personal tailored to the birthday girl in every possible way.

These cupcakes included all the birthday girl's favourite things, the designs incorporated lots of baking themed toppers, chocolate bars, in white milk and dark chocolate, an oven glove, cracked eggs in icing sugar, patisserie treats and miniature chocolate dipped strawberries.

The batch also featured pretty pink ribbon roses, miniature teddy bears and miniature pink wrapped candies.

There were also two adorable little puppies, who are of course based on real little dogs.

 They are both adorable but I must admit to having a favourite...although I'd never say which...

The patisserie treats cupcake was really cute and a favourite of mine, I love the swirl of cream atop the baby pink macaron and those dinky little eclairs.

The cracked egg cupcakes are really cool!

 The iced cupcakes was topped with a little pile of icing sugar and the egg is made using a little blob of piping gel and a small ball of yellow sugar paste.

All of the cakes were delicious coffee sponge, half of the batch was iced with vanilla buttercream and the other half iced with coffee buttercream.

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