Buttercream Bakery Pretty Valentine's Day Cupcakes

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day.

For me the whole of this week has flow by in a blur of cupcakes and sugarcraft.  I'm seriously tired and so looking forward to staying in our country cottage this weekend, I need a little break!

I haven't had time to go through all of my photographs yet but I thought I had better get a few cupcakes posted before Valentine's becomes but distant memory to you all.

To start I have a pretty classic Buttercream Bakery design, I call these Miniature Patisserie Cupcakes and they make up part of Buttercream Bakery's Miniature Masterpiece Collection.

The idea is that the topper looks like a patisserie window display, I love making all the tiny little treats and always try and make each one slightly different.

I have been thinking recently I should do some cupcake round up posts organised by theme, for example all of our puppy cupcakes rounded up in one big post. I thought it would help people searching for a little cupcake inspiration.  I might do a round up of all our Miniature Masterpiece Cupcakes.

The rest of the batch was far simpler but equally adorable.

On to something more tradition now.

Love hearts - Check
Roses - Check
Pudgy Little Cherubs - Check

I love, love, love the fat little cherubs, as I look at them now I can feel a little baby Elvis angel coming on.

Teddy Bears fall in love too!

I love this sweet miniature teddy bear couple getting their cuddle on, so sweet.

This next cupcake is the reason I've been making so many cowboy boots lately, when I got the order I just knew fondant cowboy boots would be awesome, I had never made any before so I decided to have a little practise. I loved them so much I listed them in our cake decorations store, they are now on their way to becoming a Buttercream Bakery classic. I have a pink pair of cowboy boots on order for later this month, I can't wait to make them.

I've booked myself a couple of days off next week, I have so many recipes to try out, so much Internet admin to do and my poor little fingers need a mini break from all the sugarcraft. Since I started selling Buttercream Bakery cake decorations and toppers as well as cupcakes things have gone crazy! 

 I haven't baked anything just for fun since Christmas, that's blooming ages!

Next week is recipe week, I'm making Parisian inspired desserts, I cannot wait.

x x x




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