Buttercream Bakery Cute Autumnal Apple Crumble Cupcakes

Hi Everyone.

It has been a while since I posted some cupcakes so I thought I would end the week with some super cute and scrumptiously seasonal cupcakes. 

These delicious cupcakes are Apple Crumble flavour topped with Maple and Cinnamon buttercream and a range of cute fall and Halloween themed fondant decorations. 

Anyone for a slice of pumpkin pie?

I love the little fondant pumpkin characters, their little surprised faces are super cute. 

I will be back next week with lots and lots of new cake toppers, my mini cannoli recipe and a great better for you bake. 

Have a lovely weekend and happy cupcaking!



Bumblebee said...

Love those mini pumpkins, so cute! Not to mention they sound delicious!!

Anonymous said...

receipe please :)


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