Buttercream Bakery Bunny Rabbit Cupcake Toppers

Hi everyone,

How is your week going?   

Time seems to be flying by at the moment and with all the cupcake baking, topper creating and halloween preparations I feel like I haven't stopped.

I have a Halloween cake and cupcake topper post coming up very soon but today I thought I would share something not so seasonal but seriously cute. 

I had great fun making these gorgeous little bunny rabbits and I will be honest it was nice to have a break from making little sugar pumpkins. I made 200 the other day, it may only be 3rd October but I'm already feeling pumpkined out. 

I made twenty little bunnies in total, the little guy above was definitely one of my favourites.

The little army of bunnies looked great spread across my sugarcraft table.

I have loved bunny rabbits ever since I read Watership Down as a kid, we have hundreds of wild bunny rabbits on the farm and every now and then I look out of the window and find a tiny little baby bunny munching grass in our garden. Their wide eyed, twitchy nosed faces make my heart melt every time. 

Unfortunately, since I'm not a Disney princess the bunnies don't hop about my feet, they just run away from me. I'm still hopeful that one day I will find one that wants to make friends.



Brogan said...

I just had to remind myself that these weren't real bunnies! Sat here saying Awwww! So clever! Xx

Tamara Priest said...

Wow, your work is amazing. I've been following your blog for just over a year and was thinking the recent "animals" are looking that bit more detailed and realistic - that is not to say the things before were not fantastic, just your recent creations look like they could have been made out of plaster or clay - not edible. I love making some of your stranger things...jam doughnut muffins anyone? Pistachio macaroons first brought me to your site - which turned out perfect thanks to your tips and well written recipe. Really thank you!! I always smile coming to your blog

Tamara Priest said...


Astral de la Mare said...

Hi Tamara,

Thank you so so much for your lovely comment! I've been working really hard on our new toppers and decorations and it is so nice to hear that it shows. Thanks for noticing!

Your comment really made my day, thanks so much. X


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