Buttercream Bakery Halloween Teddy Bear Cake Toppers

Hi Everyone!

Halloween is in full swing at Buttercream Bakery and my hands have been stained a fetching shade of green for sometime now.

I am definitely embracing the softer side of Halloween this year, there is not a slab of fondant flesh in sight and I'm keeping the yummy edible blood to a minimum. 

By now I am sure you all know Zombie Bear, he has been a Buttercream Bakery favourite for years and if you've been with me for a while you may also remember he often turns up with rather terrifying friends, who remembers our Headless Teds of Halloweens past?

This Halloween, Zombie Bear is back and this time he is available in two sizes, 10cm tall and 5cm tall.  

Here he is cupcake sized! 

Zombie Bear also has some new friends, Pumpkin Bear and Mummy Bear. 

I honestly don't know who is cuter.

I love a teddy in costume. 

I have so many posts to fit in before Halloween, I'm sure there will be a cupcake and cake topper round up or two, I have a deliciously different sugarplum cupcake recipe to share and a somewhat epic chewy caramel, chocolate dipped apple recipe for you all, I will try and get that one up by the end of the week.

Also my next Better for you Baking recipe is an absolute jaw dropper, you won't be able to believe they're not sugar packed. 



Kim said...

The mummy! The mummy is the cutest!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love them all, brilliant job :) xx


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