Halloween Hijinx at Buttercream Bakery

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween!

Halloween is so very nearly upon us and in the spirit of all things spooky I thought I would share a little last minute Halloween inspiration.

I have included lots of new Halloween decorations, some of which I may have already given you all a little sneak peak of and also some Buttercream Bakery Halloween classics.

Our adorable little Frankinboy has been a huge hit this year.

If you have little ones in need of costumes and you are running out of time and ideas, maybe consider just painting them green...job done!


I showed you our little Halloween bears last week but above you can see them in all their glory, fulfilling their cupcake topper destiny. Such an adorable bunch of bears, Mummy Bear has been particularly popular this year.

Our tombstone cake topper above, can be inscribed with any number of epitaphs. My favourites include R.I.P. Rick. I. T. Bones and R.I.P. Fester. N. Rott.

I've been making lots of miniature fondant Halloween candy to decorate our trick or treaters cake toppers.

The tiny fondant candy apples are just awesome.

I make 3D fondant skulls every Halloween but this is the first year I have made our skulls in a range of colours.

Colours include, classic bone, grey, black, silver, gold, purple and green.

An old favourite now and another brilliant tombstone epitaph...

R.I.P Diet

Still makes me giggle, year after year. 

Above is a more traditional graveyard cupcake design, I often sprinkle my graveyard cupcakes with crushed Oreos to create yummy mud.

That's it for the tombstones and graveyards, let's move to the most fearsome of all creatures....spiders!

I made these miniature Halloween cakes last year, I hate spiders so much that I am actually typing this as fast as I can so that I can scroll down and not see that hideous creature in my peripheral vision any longer.

Oh God no, not another one!

I seriously struggled to make those little spiders, they kept moving around while I was fitting the legs and totally freaking me out. Yes, when it comes to spiders I really am that pathetic.

Let's swiftly move on...

Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without a Pumpkin or two and this little guy has become my little Halloween mascot.

I love his little face, I also love the apple crumble cupcakes with maple and cinnamon buttercream he sits on, it's just not autumn until I've made a batch.

You may have noticed that I'm a little zombie obsessed, my zombie obsession is by no means limited to Halloween but it certainly does come in useful at this time of year.

I love turning adorable characters into scary zombies, the bear above looks like he 'turned' quite recently, the crazed zombie mob below look like they've been terrorising the town for a while...

Happy Halloween!




Jo said...

'RIP Diet' haha I love that!


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