Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Buttercream Bakery Catch Up

Hi everyone.

I hope you are all having a great week.

I have mostly been busy making cake toppers and working on new cupcake recipes for 2013, which is great fun.

I have a few things to share today, a few cute cupcakes and some new cake decorations.

I can't help but giggle every time I see these pictures, what is going on between those cupcakes?

I love bringing cupcakes to life.

I've been making adorable little panda bears again.

I love these two adorable little guys, they sit atop Raspberry Cheesecake Cupcakes.

Yummy and adorable, it's the Buttercream Bakery way!

These delicious coffee cupcakes are iced with silky smooth vanilla latte buttercream and topped with grated chocolate sprinkle and fondant coffee beans.

I thought the fondant coffee beans were so adorable I made a batch and listed them in our cake decorations store

I love the look of a coffee bean or chocolate covered coffee bean on a cake of cupcakes but I hate the bitter taste so fondant coffee beans have always been a staple Buttercream Bakery decoration.

I made Buttercream Bakery's first ever Bride and Groom this week. 

This cute couple are not only the first bride and groom I have ever made but also the first ever sugar people I have ever made, which seems crazy to me. 

I have so many ideas now and there will be a whole range of Buttercream Bakery brides and grooms very soon.

I'll be honest, I'm most excited about designing a whole load of sugar wedding dresses! I'm such a girl.

We are also taking orders for personalized wedding cake toppers.

I've also been making sets of little macarons this week for our Buttercream Bakery Etsy store.

The coffee and chocolate one looks particularly delicious.

I had so much fun creating this next set, the cowboy boots in particular were so awesome to make.

Our cowboy set features cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and lasso.

The boots are incredibly detailed and life like. It took a little work to get that worn leather look but I absolutely love them.

That's it for now because I have to go and get dinner started, I'm making homemade chicken nuggets because quite frankly I deserve it and also my new years healthy eating is going a bit too well and I need to fatten up a little.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Buttercream Bakery Cake Toppers

As you know I recently opened the ButtercreamBakery Etsy Store where you can purchase a range of bespoke Buttercream Bakery cake decorations.

I am really enjoying making decorations for our new store and have so many ideas, so much to list and even more to make! I will soon be launching a range of wedding cake toppers, the collection will include traditional Bride & Groom toppers as well as a number of more alternative designs. I am really excited!

I've been creating lots of new characters, which is really fun, these adorable puppies sold the second I listed them and I have to say I wasn't surprised. Just look at those little faces!

Set of five Scottish Terrier Cake or Cake Toppers

All of our decorations are handmade to order so pictures are purely examples and alternative colours and extra accessories are always available.

I absolutely love the Scottish Terriers but I also love this little puppy....

Oh the cuteness!!

We also have a brand new bear, he is, as all bears should be, seriously cute and seriously cuddly.

I love the baby pink detail and blushing cheeks, I had a bear that looked just like this when I was little so I get a little misty eyed looking at him.

In other news I've been working on a brilliant tutorial for you all but it is going to take me a while to put together, don't worry though, it will be worth the wait.

Have a brilliant weekend!

x x x

Friday, 4 January 2013

A Year in Cupcakes by Buttercream Bakery - 2012

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a very happy New Year.

The first blog post of the new year will, as always, be my great big cupcake round up. 
I've included lots of my best cupcake designs of 2012, some simple, some not so simple but all equally scrumptious.

Something a little silly to start....

Teddy Bears Drowning in Frosting Cupcakes

Help Me!!

These delicious cupcakes feature tiny little teddy bears drowning in the frosting and always make me smile (I may be a little evil).

 They obviously fancied a little bit of cupcake and managed to get stuck somehow.... death by cupcake.... not such a bad way to go is it?

Chocolate Teaspoon Cupcakes

I worked with chocolate more than ever before in 2012 and I loved every second of it. These chocolate teaspoons are a favourite of mine, not only do they look fantastic but who doesn't want a chocolate teaspoon to eat your frosting with.

Fuzzy Buttercream Teddy Bear Cupcakes


I love these cupcakes, they are almost entirely decorated with buttercream frosting with only a fondant nose and eyes.  I love the fact that the ears are giant white chocolate buttons and lets face it, the bears are just freaking adorable!

Breakfast at Tiffany's Cupcakes

I absolutely loved make these Breakfast at Tiffany's cupcakes.

 I love the movie, I love Audrey and I love these cupcakes.

Panda Mini Cake

I love this Panda mini cake.

This little Panda was a new character for Buttercream Bakery but he has become a firm favourite, this afternoon I'm making a set of four playful Pandas.  I absolutely love the bamboo border and that gorgeous green against the crisp white of the cake.

Miniature Patisserie Cupcakes

My miniature patisserie cupcakes have become one of my most popular designs, which is great because I absolutely love making them.

One of my new years resolutions is to post more tutorials, I am going to start with a patisserie style miniature, so if you are wondering how I make these you won't have too long to wait.

The baguettes are awesome!

Parisian Cupcakes

Oooh it's all gone very French.  What can I say about this cupcake.....to my mind it is perfect in every way, I love the combination of the mini macaron and chocolate Eiffel Tower, I want to try all sorts of different colours, I think pink macarons would look gorgeous.

Miniature Teddy Bear & Tower of Cake Cupcake

This little miniature was actually really simple to make and I really loved the finished article.  This bear is particularly cute and I love how in awe he is at the towering cakes before him.

Dexter's Laboratory Cupcake

This cupcake took me right back to my childhood, 90s cartoons were awesome and Dexter's Laboratory was always one of my favourites.

 The fact that this is now considered retro makes me feel about 100.

Grazing Sheep Cupcakes

Damn that's a cute sheep! I don't even like sheep and I love him.  I can't wait for Spring this year, I'll be making little sheep and lambs galore.

Fall Leaves Cupcakes

These cupcakes are so pretty and so wonderfully autumnal, they remind me of being wrapped up warm, walking through the woods with leaves crunching beneath your feet and the cold wind against your cheeks.

Aeroplane Party Cupcakes

This aeroplane set just had to be included in my favourite cupcakes of the year. For a start look at that bear!! He's a pilot! He may be the cutest cupcake bear of all time.

I also loved making the little aeroplanes, they're really sweet and the birthday boy absolutely loved them.

Miniature Zombie Teddy Bear Mob Cupcake

Not all my teddy bears are cute. These ones are positively terrifying!

I love this topper though, the green zombie bear is my favourite mainly because I love the ribs and skull sticking out.

Halloween Gravestone Cupcakes

I love both of these gravestone designs, the R.I.P. Diet is so funny and I love the crushed Oreo dirt on the one below.

With Halloween over we are delving straight into Christmas time, with some designs you have probably seen quite recently.

Christmas Cupcake

This Christmas miniature is probably one of my all time favourite cupcakes, I had never made a puppy that small before but he wasn't too difficult and the sofa was just so fun to make, I've never seen such a cute sofa.

Mini Christmas Cakes

Penguins, Elves, Snowmen, Santa, Christmas Bears, we did it all this year but these are some of my favourites.

So that's it, my favourite cakes and cupcakes of 2012, I can't wait to see what 2013 has to offer.

I'll be working on my favourite recipes of 2012 next so stay tuned, it's going to be a good one.

x x x