A Year of Cupcakes and Cake Toppers by Buttercream Bakery

It has become a little tradition of mine to start every year with a round up of some of my favourite Buttercream Bakery creations from the past year.  I love looking back through all of the delicious cupcakes and cute little cake toppers I have made and sometimes it is near impossible to choose my favourites.

I will of course start at the start, exactly where we are now but one year ago, cold and grey January.....


January began and not only was the baker a little bleary eyed but the cupcakes were too!

We soon got back into the groove though and we were shipping off Scotty Dogs at super sonic speed in no time.

2013 could very well be known as the year of the puppy because I have made hundreds and hundreds of little puppies and dogs this year, Scotty Dogs, Yorkshire Terriers, Bulldogs, Pugs, you name it, I've made it.


February is all about love and romance and the cowboy boots wedding cake topper above really stole my heart.  This topper not only made me really want a pair of cowboy boots but it also made me seriously consider finding myself a cowboy too!

By February we definitely needed a little pick me up and what's better to get you bounding about the bakery than a delicious coffee cupcake. Yum!


Finally it was March and after months of wintery cold, the sun started shining and everything started getting a little brighter and lighter.

One of my favourite Easter cupcake designs were the little teddy bears in bunny ears, they were great fun to make and I will definitely bring the bunny bears back this year.

Our miniature patisserie cupcakes were updated in 2013 to include even more miniature sweet treats than ever before.

Our miniature patisserie cupcakes will always be one of my favourite cupcakes to create, I just love making all those tiny little loaves, tarts and cakes and I never make two the same, each and every one is totally unique.


I think April was one of my favourite months at Buterrcream Bakery this year, we had some fantastic orders on the books.

It was really difficult to choose my favourite designs but I decided to go for our sea life cupcake toppers and our designer handbag cupcakes.

I loved making the little Clown Fish and since they were my first ever fish, I just couldn't leave them out of my round up.

Making this whole range of little sugar handbags was so much fun. I'm a girl who loves handbags and loves cake so you can't really get more up my street than this.

Evert single handbag was completely unique and completely modelled by hand, I never use moulds and rarely use cutters.

I had such a great time experimenting with different textures and details, each handbag was patterned or quilted and many were hand painted with various prints or gold details such as zips and clasps.


It's time for ice cream!

When summer arrives so do our 99 Cupcakes, epic swirls of vanilla buttercream and a flake, total heaven.

Our little cupcake plate cupcakes were probably one of my favourite new designs of the year. Topping cupcakes with little sugar cupcakes is nothing new at Buttercream Bakery but I just loved the brushed gold, woodgrain bases and those adorable little silver forks. 


Summer was actually a little tough this year, it was so hot and humid that we had a nightmare with melting chocolate and buttercream and wilting decorations, nothing would set and I had to make almost all of our decorations in the middle of the night, during cooler hours just to get them to dry!

Thankfully we made it through and June turned out to be a brilliant month for cake toppers, I absolutely loved making both the ballet bears above and the Kokeshi girl below.

Kokeshi girls are now a favourite of mine, I just love making their cute little faces and coming up with new hairstyles.


In July everything continued to melt, including me, so I thought it would be fitting to choose a chocolate batch for July, a chocolate batch with heaps of melted chocolatey goodness.


Chocolate, salted caramel, cake, what's not to love?!

I had to include some glorious salted caramel in this years round up because our requests for salted caramel have gone through the roof.  The people want salted caramel and we are always more than happy to oblige.

Hug Life baby baby!

I love this cupcake, it was actually made for a friend, based on my Pug Life cupcake and I just adore that badass little bear! His little bandanna and phat gold chains are just too cool for words.


September saw mini cupcake madness hit the bakery and I baked and decorated more mini cupcakes than any other month of the year.  I love the frilly frosting on the little coffee cupcake above, beautiful, sophisticated and simple.

More puppies!

I wasn't joking when I said 2013 was the year of the puppy. I am a little hopelessly in love with the little Pomeranian cupcake topper and the wrinkly, sleepy little puppy.


October is of course all about Halloween and I loved designing our 2013 Halloween range.  My little Mummy Bear above was probably my biggest hit this Halloween and I had created a whole little army of them before the month was out.


I love November for two very simple reasons, firstly my birthday is at the beginning of November and secondly because it means Christmas is only a matter of weeks away.  It can be a funny time at the bakery, Christmas is creeping in but hasn't quite hit yet, our fall flavours are in full swing but our Christmas flavours also become available, so I can often be found making maple or pumpkin cupcakes on the same day as peppermint white chocolate or egg nog cupcakes.

The princess carriage cake topper above was a new design for Buttercream Bakery in 2013 and has become a firm favourite with our clients, our princess carriage cake toppers are available in light blue, light pink, silver and gold.

This little Polar Bear above definitely became one of my favourite new characters of the year, it's funny how you get attached to certain designs. His little face just captured my heart and I do love a little fed up looking ted.


Finally the most joyous time of the year hit the bakery and I frantically worked away like a little Christmas elf, creating a plethora of adorable christmas cakes, cupcakes and toppers.

I made a million little Santa Claus cake toppers, the bakery was packed full of little fondant penguins and elves and the smell of fruitcake, peppermint and brandy filled the air.

My little elf above was my first ever lady elf, which if you ask me is an absolute travesty, any woman knows that when it comes to Christmas it's us ladies who get the job done.

I honestly cannot wait to see what 2014 holds, 2013 was a great year for cupcakes and I am so looking forward to sharing more with you all than ever before this year.  I am planning some fantastic tutorials for you all and I will also be opening the top secret Buttercream Bakery recipe book to share with you all some of our most loved recipes.

I am also going to compile a few posts answering the questions I am most frequently asked, such as, how to you make your fondant teddy bears so fluffy? What is the Buttercream Bakery buttercream recipe? Should I use gumpaste or sugarpaste and what is the difference?

If you have any questions that you would like me to answer, please do comment on this post and I will try my very best to include them all and answer you as best I can.

Happy New Year everyone, 2014 is going to be awesome!




Brogan said...

I love every single one of these! I love the roses that were with the boots, they look so realistic! Such fantastic cakes and toppers! Great post! xxx


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